Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

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Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

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Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

As leaders in business-to-business (B2B) marketing communication and lead generation for manufacturing and engineering companies, there are not many production processes that we haven’t worked on over the years.  We understand the challenges that UK manufacturers face today to get production working leaner, faster and more cost-effective to retain existing customers whilst trying to compete with overseas players when winning new customers. 

Do Not Invest in Marketing for Manufacturing that doesn’t Generate a Positive Return on Investment

Many manufacturing companies are run by engineers and sales / marketing does not always sit comfortably with them.  The concept of blowing their own trumpet does not always come naturally.  It therefore makes good sense to outsource their marketing to a marketing and lead generation agency with the necessary skills to achieve their growth ambitions.

Marketing for Manufacturing that Generates a Steady Flow of New Customers

Generating a steady flow of new sales enquiries and converting them into new customers is one of the biggest challenges for any manufacturing company.  The pressure on internal sales people to perform at increasingly higher levels to generate their own new leads, manage existing accounts, progress new projects whilst knocking on more new doors, is huge. You wouldn’t run a production cell like this, so why approach your marketing and lead generation like it?

Technical sales engineers in manufacturing companies are usually excellent problem solvers once they are in front of a prospect.  They have the knowledge and experience to communicate at a high level and ultimately bring the technical sale to fruition – but ask them to make cold calls and in most cases, they will shy away.  Integrated marketing and telemarketing is simply not part of their skillset. This is a job for a professional telemarketing and lead generation team (the hunters) backed by a creative marketing and digital marketing team (the educators and nurturers). 

Stratique has the solution in The Business PropellerTM and a marketing and lead generation team well versed in the language of manufacturing and engineering.  We are comfortable targeting 1st,2nd or 3rd tier automotive/aerospace prospects, or new opportunities elsewhere, from materials handling, sheet metal fabrication, trade moulding, capital equipment sales, pharmaceutical or medical… we have it covered.

Stratique also has this expertise and knowledge of manufacturing processes to talk to prospects using the correct language, tone of voice, and with the experience and track record to develop a process that works and is repeatable.  It’s like ‘marketing Kaizen’ for manufacturing companies, to deliver quality appointments and opportunities for our client’s team to close.  A tried and tested marketing process that systematically delivers a steady stream of new customers; to generate a positive ROI from their marketing spend.  This approach frees up their in-house technical sales teams to do what they do best; meet people face to face to solve their problems.


99% of field sales reps give up before the 5th attempt


95% of manufacturing companies do not have a process driven approach to their sales and marketing


81% of sales are made after the 7th point of contact


96% of manufacturers have not invested enough into sales training and CRM

What Would 50 Face to Face Appointments With your Dream Prospects Mean for your Business? How many could you convert?

We believe in playing to peoples’ strengths, and so do our manufacturing clients.  That’s why they outsource their marketing and lead generation to Stratique – the leading marketing and lead generation agency for manufacturers in the Midlands.  We deliver a steady stream of fully qualified leads every month; typically, 50-60 per annum (depending on the size of their plan and industry sector) with decision makers and budget holders that they want to work with.  If our clients have a repeatable conversion rate between 20% and 30% then 10-20 new repeat customers per annum is achievable.

What would the lifetime value of 10 new customers be worth to your manufacturing company? Is it worth a conversation?  Please click here to speak with one of our lead-generation specialists

A Professional Telemarketing and Lead Generation Team Based in Tamworth

We offer professional telemarketing and lead generation services which work in tandem with creative marketing to attract interest, and digital marketing to find and nurture qualified prospects.  The result; fully qualified sales appointments made for your sales team with the type of companies you want to work with.  This is an efficient and cost-effective service that pays for itself, releases your highly paid sales people to do what they do best; close sales.  Our campaigns can typically generate a return on investment between 500% -2000%.

An Outsourced Marketing for Manufacturing Companies Backed by a Guarantee

Stratique works with a select group of manufacturing clients providing a totally outsourced marketing service from strategic and creative planning, web design, marketing collateral design, sales copywriting, to telemarketingemail marketing and direct marketing.

The Business PropellerTM works and is backed by a simple guarantee. If we don’t generate qualified leads we will refund your monthly fee.*

Take action today:  If you would like to discuss our marketing agency, services, lead generation requirements or the unique Business PropellerTM please call 01827 69772 now.

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