A trade association plays an important role in promoting trade laws and best practices. They encourage and aid companies in becoming more competitive within their sector, acting as the voice of a company when discussing government policies and informing its members quickly of changes in trade and employment legislation. There are excellent opportunities with regards to conferences, networking and training as well as advice and educational materials.

Often, the membership of a trade association enhances a business’ reputation as customers see it as a badge of quality. This is particularly true of surface engineering as it is so heavily regulated. The trade association will immediately update its members with any changes within the sector or in employment law, meaning that a member will always be one step ahead of the competition in all areas.

Financial Benefits of Membership

Many trade associations will negotiate deals with suppliers of the products and services that their members will utilise or use on a regular basis, for example energy bills and insurance. Providing the best advice in the industry, a trade association is always at hand to give free and impartial advice on many cost saving measures to its members.

After joining a trade association, many businesses will see their sales or customer base increase as members are known to have been checked out by a trade association, are guaranteed to be up to date with all regulations and legislations and more often than not adhere to a strict code of practice.

A Voice of the Trade

A trade association is a voice for the industry it covers, giving you a direct link to get your point raised within court hearings and the creation of legislation.  Attending these hearings and events armed with suggestions from its members ensures that the actual voice of the industry itself is heard. SEA members have recently been represented by the association at hearings regarding chromium trioxide and hexavalent chromium and their use within the plating industry.

Simply having years of industry experience and people that have a genuine passion for it is a benefit in itself. It means that extensive knowledge is teamed with the ability to spot problems within regulations and their relevance to members. Being able to work closely with government bodies, suppliers and other trade associations ensures that the best actions are taken to protect and advise the members and their customers.

Surface Engineering Association

The SEA gives you an opportunity to participate in the future of the finishing industry. The SEA is the umbrella organisation for the advancement of the surface engineering industry and its members span the whole of the industry sector. We have representation on many UK and EU committees and working parties where legislation, standards and codes of practice are developed. You will be advised of all the latest and forthcoming legislation that may have an impact on your business.

We regularly host meetings, conferences and seminars to give you the opportunity to meet fellow finishers, manufacturers and suppliers to discuss subjects of interest. The SEA offers a whole host of tangible benefits from free technical and commercial advice through to attractive discounts on a variety of services.

Membership to the SEA entitles your company to:-

  • Free 24 hour Business Support Helpline
  • Free entry in the SEA Handbook
  • Free entry on the SEA Website
  • Free copy of the SEA Newsletter & Environmental Watchword Magazine
  • British Standards – Members can purchase BSI publications through the SEA

Feel free to browse our website to view all the benefits of being a Surface Engineering Association member or contact us here.